Mayor's Message

  At the point where Europe and Asia intersects, İstanbul, the center that ruled the world for hundreds of years, in a worthy way of this habit coming from history, we have mobilized all of our tangible and intangible facilities in our journey of service to make İstanbul again a financial, tourism, culture-arts and sports center. We started to gather the fruit of our work within such a short time. We have showed the whole world the potential of İstanbul with the ranks of 2010 European Capital of Culture and 2012 European Capital of Sport.

With this success, we also managed to achieve an another initial. İstanbul, the Capital of both Culture and Sport, has become the first city that achieved this success outside the cities of countries that are member of European Union. I would like to mention that in the selection of 2012 European Capital of Sport of İstanbul, the dozens of facilities that we have opened to service, with impressive in worldwide and successfully hosted international sports organizations, have a great share over this achievement. I see the rank of 2012 European Capital of Sport as a deserved Certificate of Honor. And i also believe; Being the European Capital of Sport will provide a major contribution over İstanbul hosting the 2020 Olympic Games.

Olympic Flame, will enhance the speed of İstanbul which advancing with sure steps towards becoming a sports city with national and international scale sports facilities spread into 39 districts, successfully hosted the national and international sports organizations. With this site that we prepared, we have collected the sports infrastructure of İstanbul the 2012 European Capital of Sports under single source. You can examine the sport map of İstanbul, and find information about sport facilities in our counties on the site. I would like to thank to those who have contributed in this study which provides sport to become a way of life in our city. I extend my greetings in the hope of Olympic flame to give light from magnificent historical heritage of İstanbul to whole world.