Dog Stuck IN Well in Beykoz Rescued 2/15/2017

At around 6.00 a.m. this morning, the Fire Brigade of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality rescued a dog stuck in a 61m deep, narrow well in Beykoz. 

The rescue operation for the dog, which was trapped in a well located on Karakulak Street in Beykoz’s Dereseki neighborhood, had a happy ending. Stuck in a 30 cm diameter, 61 m deep well for 10 days, the dog was rescued at around 6.00 a.m. this morning by the Fire Brigade of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. 

The Fire Brigade priorly monitored the dog live by an underwater camera and an equipment to search under debris (gigracam). The ISKI team supported the rescue operation with channel screening cameras. 

(The dog was rescued with an equipment developed by the Istanbul Fire Brigade) 

A pneumatic tent and a heating system were installed over the well so that the dog, trapped in the well since 4th February, would not be affected by bad weather conditions and its body temperature would remain steady.  

The Fire Brigade of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality used various systems for grasping the dog stuck in the deep and narrow well. The operation was repeated for 10 days, starting early in the morning and lasting the night long. 

The dog, which was later named “Kuyu” (meaning “well” in Turkish), will undergo a complete health check in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Animal Hospital. With the support of animal lovers, Beykoz section of the Istanbul Fire Brigade has now become the new home of the dog Kuyu. 

The Fire Brigade of Istanbul still receives congratulatory messages from overall Turkey, their colleagues from abroad and all animal lovers.